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Facilitation methods to harness creativity

Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Let me get the ball rolling with a weekly series on interesting facilitation methods that stimulate creativity in group settings. The reason for this series is very simple. When I was young, my teachers would often say, use your creativity. That always stumped me, yet piqued my curiosity: What is creativity? How can I get some? Can I learn it? Or buy it somewhere?

Many of us wean ourselves out of our own creativity as we grow up. Unless you’re in a job that celebrates creativity (graphic designing, arts, music, teaching pre-school, advertising…), chances are creativity is most often stifled in the general workplace.

Being part of the system and wanting to fit in, forces many of us to neglect its importance. Yet, often the best decisions and solutions come from people who tap into their creative energies.

So what is creativity?

According to Mumford and Gustafson in the Psychological Bulletin, Jan 1988 (vol. 103, pg 27 -43), creativity is the production of novel, socially valued products.

Are we all capable of producing novel, socially valued products? I think so. Some of us just need reminding. Sometimes all it takes is a facilitator to set the scene and pick a method that stimulates our imagination.

Ready to try it?  Read on


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